Proposed Classmate Financial Grant

Dear classmates,

Based on results from the recent survey,which we only received 9 responses to, the Westerville Class of 1969 bank account will be closed. Currently, there is $1,737 in our account. The Reunion Organizing Committee unanimously is in favor of using the funds to assist one (or two or three) classmates who are experiencing financial challenges and suggest the following following conditions:

  1. The recipient(s) of this financial gift would remain confidential other than the selection Committee.
  2. If you know of a classmate who is in serious financial need, please submit the deserving classmate's name below and a brief summary of his/her situation for consideration.
  3. The Committee will select one or more classmates to be awarded the financial gift(s).  To safeguard the privacy of the recipient(s), the classmate will not be named publicly.
  4. To assure the integrity of the process, the Committee will ask Richard Doll, a former teacher, to be kept informed of the selection process, the classmate(s) selected, the amount of the gift(s), and attest to the integrity of the process.

Please answer the questions so we can make a final determination on how to disperse the funds in our treasury.

Thank you all for keeping our treasury healthy over the years.


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1)   * Do you know of a classmate, including you, who is in need of financial assistance?

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2)   Please submit this person's(s) name below with a brief summary of the need.