Website and Get together

Dear friends,

Hopefully you are all getting through this unusual time in our world without too much difficulty. Most of us turn 70 this year, so happy birthday to all of us!

We find ourselves at an impasse about the Class Creator website. They raised the yearly rates, without notice, from $97/year to $165/year. Plus, $19.95/year to save the domain name. This year they added another cost of $35 for security.

FYI, the usage is low for this cost.

Linda, Carl and I have been discussing how to best proceed regarding the class website. After the 50th reunion, there was discussion to keep it for a year or two so we could plan a 70th birthday party. That time has passed. The three of us now believe that the website should be discontinued, and the money saved toward our next gathering.  

We have $1,737 in our class treasury, thanks to the generosity of many in our class. We need to know if you want to spend this money on a casual gathering either this fall (upon us now) or in the spring.

Please respond quickly so we can make decisions and plans. Thanks for taking the time to respond.


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1)   Would you be interested in a casual gathering?

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2)   If yes, when would you want to have it?

  Soon - 2021
  Spring 2022
3)   Suggested places are listed below. Check the one you prefer.

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5)   Are you willing to help plan the event?

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