50th Reunion


Please take some time to fill out this survey for our 50th class reunion. Some questions may require more than one answer.

Remember, this will be everyones' reunion and will be improved by more voices!

The reunion committee includes these classmates:

Mike Beck
Jean Rockhold Carpenter
Frank Orders
Jim Sapp
Dee Weaston Standish

Thank you!

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1)   Are you interested in attending a 50th reunion?


We are simply trying to get a feel for the numbers interested. This is not a commitment.
2)   If yes, or unsure, would you prefer:

  Sit--down meal

If other, please use the #12 comment box to offer suggestions.
3)   Put in order your preference for month: May, June, July, August, or September. if you have no preference, type "Any."

Example: 1. May 2. September
4)   How much are you willing to spend on the event?

5)   What day of the week do you prefer?


If other, use #12 to comment.
6)   Do you want a one-day/evening event or two-day/multiple events?

  One day
  Two day or multiple events
7)   What type venue would you prefer? (Restaurant, party house, etc.) Do you have any suggestions?

8)   Would you:

  prefer the reunion be in Westerville?
  need a hotel room?
  be coming from out of state?
  want to invite teachers?
  be bringing a spouse/"child"/friend
9)   What activities are you looking for in a reunion?

10)   Do you want to help in any way to help plan the reunion? Would you want to help the day of the reunion? If so, we can pass on your name to the committee.

11)   Do you have any special needs? Accessibility, food, etc.

12)   Do you have any further comments or suggestions?