We spend between $115-120 a year on the web site.  We give this range because we try to leverage discounts when they become available by paying some charges in advance.

The money in the account is used not only for the web site, but also for any additional expenses for the reunions.  For example, donations are used to help offset the overall cost of reunions, with special consideration to classmates who are facing financial challenges and could not attend without a little help.

People have been donating anywhere from $10-$100.  All that being said, if you decide you want to donate, please respond to this notification, or contact me at, and you will be sent an email on how to do this.  Any amount is appreciated!

When we start preparing for our 50th reunion, we will probably send a message asking for more donations.  It will all go to the same fund.

Thank you for your generosity!

Linda Cottrill


February 2017

I'd like to send a big THANK YOU to the following people for their very generous donations supporting our web site:

Harry and Nancy Schwind
Jim Garvie
Marlene (Pollard) Sahr

Roberta (Ruyan) Fagan
Larry Thomas
Roberta Fritsche Pavlov


The following classmates have donated in past years.  


Sandy Letostak Meyer


Jim Garvie
Jim Webster
Larry Thomas
Dick Davis
Janet Walko
Jan Whitman
Niki Mara Diedalis
Susie Roush Fagan
Roberta Fritsche Pavlov


Mike Darrish
Pollard Sahr
Joan Campbell
Larry Thomas
Niki Mara Diedalis
Roberta Fritsche Pavlov
JR Thomas

Roberta Ruyan Fagan