In Memory

Dale Bailey

Ted Bailey

Mike Beres

Jack Bigham

Richard Bogan

Mary Lou Brown

Rick Campbell

Craig Ceneskie

Kathy Ciminello

Joe Colleli

Cindy Cornell

Timothy Dailey

Fred DeLeon

Dale Eblin (5/18)

Steven Fox (2014)

Chery Edwards Sayre

Rick Fickeisen

Dean Gemmell

Earl Hall

John Harvey (10/17/16)

Carlyn Horning

Babs Hyatt

Rick Jolly (10/15/16)

Rick Keefer

Terry Layne

Karen McAfee

Josie McCune

Larry Mann

Bill Moosebrugger

Tim Murphy (2014)

Brian Noonan (2015)

Allison Park Pearson

Michael Perkins

Dennis Riesen

Rick Sansone (2018)

Mark Sayre

Harry Schutte

Mike Selby (4/9/19)

Diane Sheridan

Skip Smith

Christine Spada

Dave Sproul

John Staley

Jerry Swanson

Gary Taylor

Mike Townley (12/17)

Bob Turner

Aleta Van Sickle

Marsha Rose Werley (West)

Les Williams

Tina Yerian


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