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09/15/09 12:07 PM #1    

Liz Day (Thompson)

Welcome to the Westerville-South High School Class Of 1969 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

09/15/09 02:44 PM #2    

Jay Gregg

I would be willing to help with the cost if it is not too expensive.

09/15/09 03:04 PM #3    

Joan Campbell

This website would be a good thing to maintain, and I'd be happy to help pay, too.

09/15/09 06:17 PM #4    

Liz Day (Thompson)

The cost is $97/year. Right now we are seeing what the concensus is on this website. We will keep track and make an announcement. Thank you and Jay for offering to help pay.

09/15/09 07:48 PM #5    

Janet Nash (Westbrook)

I would be willing to help with the cost.

09/15/09 08:47 PM #6    

Dennis Whitt

I'll be more than happy to contribute toward the cost of this website.

09/16/09 12:53 PM #7    

Woody Searles

I'm willing to contribute a reasonable amount to maintain the website. Thanks for researching it, Liz.

09/16/09 09:45 PM #8    

Pat Ohly

I would be happy to contribute toward the website.

09/16/09 10:23 PM #9    

Liz Day (Thompson)

You guys are great! Isn't this a great tool for staying in touch? We will be able to do even more when we have it "for real." This is a 7-day freebie.

Let others know to sign up.


09/18/09 12:45 PM #10    

Jerry Mobley

This is a good deal. Count me in.

09/18/09 07:48 PM #11    

Barbara West (Rood)

Is this anything like passing notes in class????
I don't facebook, twitter, or text but I think I can handle this......put me down for $10.00.

09/19/09 08:47 AM #12    

Jeanine Tracy (Page)

Liz, I would be willing to contribute to the cost. Thanks for all your efforts. Jeanine Tracy Page

09/19/09 12:28 PM #13    

Ric Hughes

This is terrific! Sandy and I would definitely contribute! Thanks.
Hello to all!

09/19/09 10:21 PM #14    

Marlene Pollard (Sahr)

Marlene Pollard Sahr

Count me in, also. I have already written my check. Just need to mail it tomorrow. You have done a great job, Liz.

09/24/09 12:35 PM #15    

Debbie Dietz (Smith)

The reunion was terrific. I, like some others do not facebook or other computer stuff, but this I can handle.
Count me in for a contribution. Hello to all of you, and thanks to all who made the reunion a wonderful event.

09/25/09 03:14 PM #16    

Bunny Veltum (Boerger)

I'm willing to contribute!

09/29/09 03:50 PM #17    

Mary Millisor (Norton)

Check's in the mail.

10/03/09 12:38 PM #18    

Patty Schwartz (Laidley)

I'd be willing to contribute. I will put it in the mail today.

10/08/09 11:34 AM #19    

Dee Weaston (Standish)

Remind everyone where and how to contribute to maintain this.

10/18/09 09:16 PM #20    

Linda Frederick (Cottrill)

Hey All,
I have sent all donors personal messages. I want you all to know how much this means to everybody who wants to keep in touch.

This isn't just from me, but from everybody connected to keeping this web site going. THANK YOU so very much for your generous donations to help keep our web site going for at least the next 2 years!

10/26/09 02:46 PM #21    

Jan Willey (Whitman)

Hey Linda, I sent you a check for $25.00 last Friday! Thanks for all you do for all of us! Jan

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